It’s almost time again for Baltimore Vegan Drinks – and this is our FINAL REGULAR event of 2015! This month we’re at Lebanese Taverna Baltimore
in Harbor East. There are some off-menu specials you’re going to
love… like the all-vegan tasting sampler with hummus, baba-g,
tabbouleh, and more house specials like eggplant with pom molasses
(amazing!); the roasted cauliflower with chickpeas and pine nuts in
lemony sauce; and the VEGAN DOUGHNUTS with saffron syrup! Don’t forget
that for our event you can get your falafel or kibbeh BAKED or FRIED –
nice, right? (Don’t know what kibbeh is? You better show up and find
out, or we will eat them all!) See you Monday night in Harbor East!
Please RSVP: