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We love planning all kinds of events to enhance the lives of vegans, vegetarians and the veg-curious throughout the Maryland region. And we try to create a variety of events to appeal to everyone. But we can’t do these things alone.

Please consider helping us out!

For the Veg Out event in Frederick on Saturday April 23rd, we need about 25 people. Only four have signed on to help. If you were one of the 400-ish attendees at last year’s Ellicott City Veg Out, you know that big events need lots of volunteers. Please consider helping at this event, which will highlight all the wonderful vegan-friendly and vegan-owned businesses in the downtown Frederick area, as well as offering FREE tables to a dozen vegan charities. It’s a really great vegan destination and worth knowing about – so please join us to showcase the area and support these businesses that want to promote vegan options!

We also need help to run a booth at the annual Baltimore Veg Fest on Saturday April 30th. Thousands of people come and go at this event and we need two people at the table at any one time to successfully operate a useful table at this festival. We hand out schedules for Vegan Drinks, tell new vegans and vegetarians about our events and often, just offer support and answer questions for vegans who are looking for places to eat, cooking tips and more. It’s a fun way to be part of the event – we only ask for a two hour commitment, as we break it into shifts. We would like eight people, at the moment, only 3 have signed up.

Please, if you can, consider helping us at one or both of these events! We would truly appreciate your time!

Email us if you can volunteer ~